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Professional Supervision and Mentorship

Professional supervision, mentorship and workplace coaching is a valuable process that helps professionals working in challenging and demanding roles to reflect on their practice in an external safe and confidential environment.

My Story

Throughout my career I have been very fortunate to have gained invaluable experience in senior leadership roles across the private/public healthcare sector in both the UK and Australia, I am also a successful business owner and highly regarded by my peers in my field of clinical expertise. 


I draw on over 20 years of professional experience to offer a unique approach to external supervision and mentorship by imparting my own knowledge in business, leadership and teamwork and combine this with a psychological approach. Enjoy a fresh approach and new insight into your workplace performance and receive advice/support that is uniquely tailored to your needs for optimum results in both the workplace and at home. 

Further Information

I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities, so if you are inspired in working together and interested in a new approach to professional growth then let's connect. 


Contact me on the form below to make an enquiry or booking.

Fees: $250 per hour session/$3000 per annual package


Download the PDF brochure on this page for more info.

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