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Welcome and thanks for visiting me here at East Perth Therapy. The first step in recovery can often be the most daunting, so if this is your first time seeking support then well done and rest assured you are in good hands.   

My name is Nicola and my qualifications include university degrees (BSC Hons) in both Psychology and Social Work.  I also have post grad qualifications in a range of contemporary psychological therapies and have been practicing as a senior clinician in mental health services for more than 15 years.

I am definitely a people person and as a therapist I enjoy showing kindness, respect, building trust and empowering clients to grow and discover the amazing person that they are.  It's a privilege to listen to unique and precious life stories and to be part of growth and change.  I truly enjoy my role in supporting others to have hope, courage and strength for the future.

In my personal time I am usually outdoors, some of my favourite activities are getting up early, heading to the beach, or the foreshore, swimming, yoga or running, meditation, watching the sun rise above the ocean and being grateful for a brand new beautiful day.


I am also a bit of a bookworm, I love to fulfil my passion in reading about psychological therapy, listening to mentors, taking courses and learning from sources around me.  I do love to learn and I also take pride in ensuring that the service that I provide is of the highest quality possible.  I aim to be above the usual in standards of excellence to ensure a unique connection, a safe space for growth and positive outcomes for my clients. 

My new clinic is located in the heart of Claisebrook Cove on the waterfront in East Perth. I have recently moved location from my busy South Perth clinic near the zoo, which was practical and conveniently based directly alongside the best Senior Consultant Psychiatrists in Perth. My new clinic and location is beautifully peaceful for clients in its surroundings and I am very fortunate in that I continue to benefit from a close working relationship/consultation with the team of psychiatrists whom I have known for many years, their leadership, knowledge and expertise is impeccable.  

I hope you find all the info you need on the website.  For more info on my approach please check out the 'what to expect' page and feel free to send me a message to say hi or if you require any further information. 

 Have a beautiful day.


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